Lenovo Legion 9i Gen 8 Review

Among the many Lenovo Legion we’ve tested in recent years, the Legion 9i Gen 8 (starts at $3,868.99; $4,528.99 as tested) stands atop the pile. This machine goes all-out on power for enthusiast shoppers, packing an Intel Core i9 processor and a liquid-cooled Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU into its chassis that sets it far apart at this tier. Those top-end components, plus a 3.2K mini LED display, a pressed carbon fiber lid, enough chassis lighting, a full HD webcam, and an overall fairly compact build for a 16-inch laptop, contribute to the sky-high price. You'll find better values even in the high-end tier where getting a deal is less of a priority, such as the brand's own , but if you have the money, this system will soar higher than the rest.

Design: Carbon Fiber, a 3.2K Display, and Plentiful Ports

I enjoyed a at this beast prior to its announcement back in September, and it’s a joy to have extended time for a closer look. In a lot of ways, this is the tried-and-true Legion design we’ve seen on many of its sibling laptops in the last couple years. That means a mostly or all-black look, a relatively thin chassis (for a ), and a rear block with most of the expected ports.