Did Georgia get screwed by refs on suspect Alabama fourth-down conversion?

Isaiah Bond became an instant legend in with his game-winning catch against Auburn in the Iron Bowl. He made another clutch grab in the SEC title game to set up a Crimson Tide touchdown. Or did he?

In the second quarter between Alabama and , Bond converted a fourth-and-four. However, replays showed the ball may have hit the ground.

The replay booth never took a look at it, but you can judge for youself:

Did the refs screw over Georgia on Isaiah Bond's fourth-down conversion?

The ball did look like it was on the ground and shifting around in Bond's arms. It's not entirely clear if there is conclusive evidence that Bond dropped it, but it was at least close. You can see why Georgia fans might be upset about that one.

Of course, Alabama fans no doubt would argue he maintained control.

Whatever opinion you hold about whether Bond caught the ball, it's a shame replay never even took a look at the play. It was a potentially pivotal moment in the biggest game of the season. A College Football Playoff berth is on the line. These calls matter.