Zherka sheds light on aftermath of legal issues amid controversies with Adin Ross and Hstikkytokky, trolls call him 'Biggest clown'

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Recently, streamer Zherka featured in a viral video clip on X (formerly Twitter) where he discussed the legal aftermath following controversies with and HStikkytokky.

Adding context, Zherka and HStikkytokky, a TikTok influencer, gained widespread attention on social media platforms after engaging in a public altercation on the streets of Miami.

Zherka further fueled the controversy by making comments about both Ross and HStikkytokky, including remarks about their families.

This incident occurred after Ross labeled Zherka as 'All Talk' for not responding to Ross' fighting challenge, which included a substantial offer of $300K.

What did Zherka say?

In a viral video clip featuring Zherka, he claims, “What happened? Oh Right If I ever go to jail, there's no threat. What do you? Is it Hstikkytokky, he agreement was punch for punch like light, This f**king ice poseidon me..."