Tristan Tate calls out X users who send him ‘urgent’ messages seeking money: ‘Don’t waste my time’

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: , who often stirs controversies with his views and opinions, recently expressed his frustration on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

He specifically addressed users on X who consistently message him seeking urgent financial assistance.

Tate, recognized for his impassioned rants and tendency to call out various individuals in his tweets, frequently faces criticism from those who oppose his viewpoints.

Tristan Tate urges X users not to waste his time

In a recent tweet on the platform X, Tate vented his frustration against individuals who consistently respond to his tweets, seeking financial assistance and often emphasizing the urgency of their needs.

Tate explicitly mentioned, "'Please read this is urgent' - long winded message asked me for free money even though we’ve never met or interacted."

He further questioned the constant urgency that is displayed in these comments and wrote, "Urgent for who? You? Don’t waste my time."