Kate Winslet says she really got along with Leonardo DiCaprio while working on 'Titanic', says they 'clicked immediately'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: has opened up on working with on 'Titanic.' The 48-year-old actress described DiCaprio as “magnetic” on the film's set, noting that they “clicked immediately” while working together on the 1997 hit film.

"Once I started working with Leo, we were able to kind of find our own rhythm. And it's amazing to kind of look back and think about it all over again," Winslet told, ahead of the re-release of the film in 4K Ultra HD on December 5.

Kate Winslet said Leonardo DiCaprio 'had this effervescent energy that was really magnetic'

"He was this kind of mess of long, skinny, uncoordinated limbs. And he was just very free with himself, and he had this effervescent energy that was really magnetic," she continued. "And I remember thinking, 'Oh, this is gonna be fun. We're definitely gonna get along.' And we just really did. We just really did," she further said.