Iceland volcano – live: 120 earthquakes strike as Grindavik anticipate imminent eruption

Around 120 earthquakes have rocked the areas surrounding the town of as they await a likely eruption, report the Icelandic Met Office.

It comes as the exact location for an has been revealed by the , which says it “is still considered likely”.

Experts at the have issued a key update after a study of data from GPS stations and satellite images showed an “uplift” continues in the area of Svartsengi, north of Grindavík.

The Met Office stated that the eruption is “still considered likely as the magma inflow continues”, adding that “the highest likelihood for an eruption is in the middle part of the dike between”.

Earthquake activity has also led to the deepening of the port at , according to RUV.

The change in depth is because of the earthquakes’ impact, said the port manager Sigurður Arnar Kristmundsson.

He told RUV: “The docks seem to have sunk by 20-30 centimeters when we measured about 10 days ago and then there is a chance that, yes, the bottom has sunk accordingly.”