MrBeast announces challenge video with $10K daily prize for staying in a store, Internet calls it 'light work'

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: , the highly influential and successful YouTuber, has just unveiled details about an upcoming challenge. He revealed that he will be gifting a remarkable $10,000 every day to any person who endures his store challenge.

In a departure from the conventional content standards on YouTube, MrBeast continues to push boundaries. Notably, in a recent announcement, that all the videos for December are prepared and urged his fans to activate their notifications, as shared in a Reddit post.

MrBeast opens 'Beast Grocery' for upcoming video

MrBeast recently gave fans a sneak peek of his upcoming video on Instagram, leaving them eagerly anticipating the release.

The teaser was captioned, "If I offered you $10,000 for every day you lived in a grocery store, how many months would you go? Tomorrow’s video is crazy!" MrBeast's voiceover set the stage for the upcoming adventure.