Tristan Tate demands cancelation of comedian as he compares him and Andrew Tate to 'people with disabilities'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: In a recent social media clash, former kickboxer turned social media personality found himself at odds with Canadian stand-up comedian Ben Bankas after the comedian posted a video that sparked outrage.

Known for their flamboyant display of wealth and unapologetic views on various topics, brothers and Tristan Tate have built a reputation for courting controversy. Their online presence often involves expressing strong opinions on subjects such as their definition of an ideal man.

Sparks fly as Tristan Tate confronts comedian Ben Bankas over controversial video

Tristan Tate found himself entangled in a heated argument with Canadian stand-up comedian Ben Bankas. The dispute ignited when Bankas posted a video featuring two disabled men, accompanied by the caption, "The Tate brothers in action."

Twitter users swiftly descended upon Bankas, unleashing a barrage of criticism for what they deemed an insensitive attempt at humor. Among the vocal critics was Tristan Tate himself, who had a surprisingly heartwarming response, making the comedian look bad.