Andrew Tate gloats about billion-dollar earnings in birthday post, trolls say 'can't read long captions'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: , the polarizing figure who has amassed a dedicated following on social media as an influencer, recently utilized the platform X (formerly Twitter) to share a message in the aftermath of his birthday celebration, claiming that his businesses are worth billions.

Tate's birthday proved to be an engaging day for his supporters.

Fans congregated in the comments section, flooding message box with various heartfelt messages, expressing their well-wishes for his continued success and good health.

Andrew Tate claims he earns a million per week

Tate seized the opportunity to connect with his audience on his birthday, Friday, December 1, by sharing a birthday message for his fans.

In the message titled "Top G’s Birthday Message," Tate expressed, "It’s my birthday and I am 37 years old. I operate at the highest echelons of masculine performance. I earn over 1 million dollars a week. My companies are valued in the billions. I have beautiful children. I’m strong - in fact, I feel stronger every single day."