8 ‘Doctor Who’ Aliens That Used Surprisingly Realistic Technology

has featured hostile aliens using advanced to attack Earth ever since the iconic BBC series premiered back in 1963. Today, we are closer than ever to emulating some of this sci-fi technology, although none of it is being used to conquer the world just yet. In honor of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary in 2023, here are some of the most memorable baddies and their surprisingly realistic science.

1. The Zygons

Zygons first appeared in Doctor Who in 1975 in a spacecraft under Loch Ness. The craft, which had crashed many years earlier, was part mechanical and part organic. So were the technologies inside—including a creepy body printer that enabled the Zygons to take human form and a huge underwater cyborg monster. This long-necked creature looked like a dinosaur, but unlike the of legend, it could walk on land and was strong enough to destroy oil rigs.

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