T.I. fans back him as rapper slams Atlanta club for fraudulently using pic of him and his son on flyers for publicity

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Rapper T.I. recently found himself at the center of a nightclub controversy, as he uncovered a fraudulent use of his image and that of his son, King, on a promotional flyer for an event at 's Elleven45 Lounge.

Fans rallied behind the hip-hop icon as he took to social media to slam the club owners for attempting to exploit the viral spat between him and his son for publicity.

What was rapper T.I. nightclub controversy?

Originally scheduled to appear at Elleven45 Lounge for 'R&B Wednesdays', T.I. was taken aback when he discovered a photoshopped image on the event flyer. The image humorously depicted T.I. holding King in a headlock, referencing King's recent emotional outburst during an Atlanta Falcons game.

The rapper promptly addressed the issue with the club, making it clear that such tactics were unacceptable.

T.I. sets the record straight in Elleven45 Lounge controversy