Amazon to Hire Rival SpaceX to Launch Internet Satellites

(Bloomberg) -- Inc. has signed a contract with rival SpaceX for three launches of Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 rocket, grabbing additional capacity to loft the company’s internet-from-space satellites into orbit.

The deal, which Amazon announced on its website Friday, means the e-commerce and cloud-computing giant will be relying in part on its main rival to get its own satellite constellation into orbit. The Falcon 9 launches are set to begin in mid-2025.

SpaceX’s Starlink already has roughly 5,000 satellites delivering internet service from low-Earth orbit. Amazon’s own Project Kuiper, which is aiming for a similar business model, recently launched the first two test satellites of its planned 3,236-satellite constellation. It aims to start beta testing with corporate customers in the second half of next year.

SpaceX didn’t immediately return an emailed request for comment. But in a post on X, the social-media company formerly known as Twitter, Musk wrote: “SpaceX launches competitor satellite systems without favor to its own satellites. Fair and square.”