Kraft's Classic Mac and Cheese Is Now Available Without Any Cheese

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Food allergies and dietary preferences have reshaped kitchen pantries in recent years, with a number of companies offering or vegan options of popular items. The latest: Kraft, which is launching a version of their classic boxed mac and cheese dinner without any cheese.

CNN that Kraft Heinz has teamed with NotCo, a plant-based supplier, to an alternative macaroni dish that uses plant-based cheese sauce instead of dairy. The product is advertised as vegan-friendly and comes in the original (i.e. orange) flavor as well as white cheddar.

The sauce packet is made with coconut oil powder and fava bean protein, which Kraft Heinz asserts tastes very similar to their classic version. That messaging is key: Only 30 percent of consumers who try plant-based alternative mac and cheese products wind up being satisfied enough with their taste to buy them again.