How AI Can Help Clean Up the Biggest Climate Messes

(Bloomberg) -- Artificial intelligence is now on the agenda as world leaders, climate diplomats and thousands of others descend on Dubai for the United Nations climate summit. Boosters of machine learning are pitching it as tool for unlocking enormous cuts to emissions.

Some of the hardest to decarbonize sectors like cement and steel could particularly stand to benefit, according to a new report from the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum, an international climate forum organized by the government of Japan. The final version of the report will be presented at the COP28 climate talks that begin Thursday.

The industrial sector is responsible for about a third of global carbon emissions, but machine learning models can potentially help lower its climate toll. By determining the optimal amount of raw materials required to create things like steel and cement, it’s possible to lower materials usage and corresponding emissions while also keeping quality up, said Alp Kucukelbir, co-founder and chief scientist at AI company Fero Labs, who co-authored the report.