Emily Ratajkowski’s latest photo shoot sparks fury among plus-size advocates: ‘Out of touch’

’s latest photo shoot has sparked backlash among models and activists, who claim it promotes unhealthy narratives about .

The supermodel, 32, recently from her photo shoot with M Le Monde magazine. For the fashion editorial photographed by , Ratajkowski posed in a variety of looks featuring denim jeans and flowing tops. However, it was the second image that caught the attention of her Instagram followers.

In the photo, Ratajkowski is seen wearing a pair of low-rise, wide-leg denim jeans double her size. She showed off her toned figure as the oversized pair of jeans fell at her feet. As she held up the waistband of the jeans with one arm, Ratajkowski stood in one leg of the pair of jeans to highlight the noticeable size gap.

The photo shoot - which was styled by and creative directed by - instantly sparked backlash after Ratajkowski shared the images to Instagram. In her comments section, thousands of users criticised both Ratajkowski and the team behind the photo shoot for the “out of touch” image and claimed the photo shoot was “fatphobic”.