NewJeans star Danielle's passion for fashion began as a child

NewJeans singer Danielle says her passion for fashion started when she was a child.

The K-pop star - who makes up one-fifth of the girl group alongside Minji, Hanni, Haerin, and Hyein – is known for her dynamic stage presence and trendsetting fashion sense and says it is something that dates back to when she was growing up.

Danielle - who has been recruited by both Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent this year - told WWD: "Ever since I was little, I’d have such a blast playing dress-ups, picking out cute outfits and even styling my toys! I remember going to my grandparents’ house and borrowing their high-fashion clothing pretending I was a princess or a rockstar!

"My first time being styled was so exciting and brought back all these happy memories! I just feel that with fashion, there is no limit, and you can become whoever you may wish!"

Meanwhile, Haerin has been an ambassador for Dior since April and praised the relationship that the group has with both fashion and music.