Citi Managing Director Accuses Ex-Bosses of Assault, Harassment

(Bloomberg) -- A female Citigroup Inc. equities managing director sued the bank, alleging that she endured “horrifying” sexual assault and harassment by superiors, including a senior executive who she claims threatened her and her children after she ended their relationship.

Ardith Lindsey filed suit against Citigroup Monday in federal court in Manhattan. She claimed that, despite cultivating a gender-inclusive public image, the bank knowingly tolerated a “locker room” environment on the trading floor in which women were ranked based on their appearance, openly discussed in terms of their sex appeal, pressured to go to strip clubs and excluded from professional opportunities.

Lindsey, who said she is on medical leave because of the alleged abuse, claims she was sexually assaulted by a former superior, Richard Evans, shortly after joining the bank in 2007. Much of her complaint focused on former managing director Mani Singh, who she said used his power at the bank to coerce her into a relationship. He was swiftly promoted at Citigroup despite a history of misconduct, according to the suit.