11 Gifts For Animal Lovers Who Can’t Have Pets

Not every animal lover can welcome a furry family member into their home. , apartment restrictions, and lifestyle limitations can all make having a pet difficult or outright impossible. In addition to donating to or rescue organization in their name, these fun gifts for cat lovers, dog lovers, and more will add some joy to your loved one’s life this holiday season.

1. JOY FOR ALL Orange Tabby Cat; $125

This soft tabby looks like an actual cat, but won’t shed all over an apartment or . It purrs and meows, and can blink and move its body—it’ll even roll over to show its fluffy belly (and unlike a real cat, it won’t smack your giftee when they go to rub it). The interactive companion was originally designed to help comfort elderly animal lovers, but it would make a great gift for any cat person; the company also makes a .

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2. Tamagotchi Original; $20

have prepared people for the responsibilities of pet ownership since the ‘90s. Kids () worked tirelessly to keep their pocket-sized pals fed, exercised, and clean to prevent them from perishing. If your giftee craves the work of caring for a pet but can’t have a live animal in their home, a Tamagotchi is bound to keep them busy.