'Marketing genius': Snoop Dogg giving up smoke announcement turns out a clever ad for smokeless fire pit

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: , the legendary rapper and cannabis enthusiast, shocked his fans when he posted a video on his social media accounts saying that he was “giving up smoke."

Many speculated if he had decided to quit smoking weed which is his trademark and a part of his identity.

Snoop Dogg becomes the 'smokesman' of Solo Stove

However, it now seems that the announcement was actually a clever ad for a smokeless fire pit from Solo Stove, a company that makes outdoor products.

Snoop Dogg offered a clarification saying "I know what you [must be thinking],' Snoop, smoke is kind of your whole thing'" in the marketing video posted on Instagram.

But he said he was done with "coughing and clothes smelling all sticky, icky," saying " I am going smokeless," as the camera pans to the firepit in front of him. "Clever," he say laughing at the end of the video praising the manufacturers for "taking out the smoke."