‘Grossly inappropriate’: Megyn Kelly slams Gayle King for CBS interview with father of Israeli child being held hostage

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Former Fox News anchor lashed out at CBS host Gayle King for interviewing the father of an eight-year-old Israeli girl who was taken hostage by Hamas, the Palestinian militant group.

The 52-year-old called out King for her “insensitivity” towards the hostage’s father and called the interaction “grossly inappropriate.”

Megyn Kelly lashes out at CBS Gayle King for interview with Israeli’s hostage father

The former Fox News and NBC star was joined by Dave Rubin, host of 'The Rubin Report', to discuss King’s interview.

Kelly told Rubin that after tweeting in retaliation to King’s interview, the CBS star's team wanted her to “take back the criticism.”

“It’s a no. I stand by my every word,” Kelly exclaimed on her show.

After playing a brief part of the interview for her viewers, Kelly said, “To me, it was grossly inappropriate to bring up this moral equivalency between you know some Israeli kids were hurt and some Palestinian kids they’ve also been taken and now it's just kind of politics.”