Andrew Tate asks people to stop wasting time by thinking about 'absolute garbage', Internet says 'work hard'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: , also known as 'Top G', has suggested to his fans and people on social media that they should stop wasting their time in sitting and thinking about 'absolute garbage'.

Notably, Tate often updates his audience on a variety of topics related to his life every day. These topics include updates on his court struggles, debates on masculinity, which has garnered criticism from some of his adversaries, and furious rants about things he dislikes.

Andrew Tate's motivational tweet to stop wasting time

Andrew Tate posted a tweet on November 19 that read, "“Deep work” “Self-work”, seriously take a long deep look and analyze why you had ketchup on your fries that day in 1998”

He added, "This mind junk is detrimental to success. You must PROPEL forward. You don’t have time to sit and ponder absolute garbage. TICK TOCK."

The tweet has so far garnered 412.9K views and around 5.6k people liked it. There was no other explanation for the tweet and it seems like it was just one of the motivational tweets by Andrew Tate which he has been posting recently.