Make Your Holiday Gatherings Greener With This Compostable Dinnerware

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Whether you’re hosting an intimate family gathering at home or trying to organize an office party, figuring out how you’re going to serve food and drinks is always a struggle. Glassware and ceramic are durable but breakable; plastic plates and cups are easy to clean up but create a lot of waste.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to go green. Dinnerware from offers plant-based compostable serving goods that allow you to throw a party without creating a tsunami of plastic waste.

The heavy-duty compostable plates can stand up to large servings of stuffing and pasta and come in 6-inch (), 9-inch (), and 10-inch () sizes. If you need to contain some messier entrees, they also offer 16-ounce bowls ().

For drinks, you can opt for 16-ounce Grande cups () suitable for hot liquids as well as 12-ounce wine cups (). A 12-ounce cold serve cup () is ideal for soft drinks, while the 16-ounce cocktail cup () can handle your adult beverages.