How Princess Diana’s The Crown season six outfits compare to her actual wardrobe

A kind of refined beauty, made up of draped pearls, mod suits, and tiered frill, formed what we know to be ’s bespoke through the 80s, while a modern elegance juxtaposed with a bit of casuality took hold of her 90s apparel. In general, the icon, famed for her charitable actions and discernible humility, inadvertently left a lasting impression as the archetype for understated luxury, and Elizabeth Debicki’s renewed role as the “people’s princess” in season six of the special , captures that very sentiment.

Back with the first four of the final episodes, The Crown has offered a fictionalised behind-the-scenes take on the royal family’s history from assuming the throne in season one all the way up to Princess Diana’s devastating death in season six. And though the actors’ portrayals of each figure are meant to leave stylised impressions of their personalities, their costumes have left viewers with an all-too-realistic picture.

Amy Roberts and Sidonie Roberts, the show’s wardrobe designer duo, have worked to fit each actor in garments representative of emblem outfits seen on the royals over the years – Debicki’s assumption of Diana being markedly authentic.