Andrew Tate buys 2 more luxury wheels after his $2.9M Bugatti is seized, fans say ‘he buys cars like groceries'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Recently, aka the 'Top G' took to 'X' formerly known as Twitter to announce the latest additions to his luxurious car collection.

Tate is well known for his constant display of wealth and power on social media. The controversial influencer flaunts fleets of high-end vehicles, wads of cash, and regular claims about his accomplishments.

Such blatant self-promotion has helped Tate cultivate a devoted fan following and elevated him to the status of a cult hero among his followers who want to emulate his lifestyle.

Tate actively promotes his 'get-rich-quick' methods through 'Hustler's University', an online course offering 100 business classes to his loyal following.

He has cleverly created a brand centered around his luxurious possessions to engage people and promote his business 'courses'.

Andrew Tate buys Lamborghini and Pagani Utopia