Danny Dyer returning for The Football Factory sequel

A sequel to 'The Football Factory' is in development.

The follow-up to the 2004 movie about football hooligans has been given the working title 'Marching Powder' in a reference to the drug-taking featured in the original film.

Danny Dyer will reprise his role as the Chelsea hooligan Tommy Johnson, with shooting set to start in the coming weeks as film bosses aim for a 2024 release to mark 20 years since the original flick.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "It's full steam ahead for 'Football Factory 2' and filming is due to start in January.

"The hope is they can turn it around quickly enough so it comes out in 2024 – in time for the 20th anniversary."

The insider continued: "The script for 'Marching Powder' will reveal what happened to the rival factions of hooligans after the end of the last film.

"It's a real passion project for Danny who can't wait to get his teeth back into the role.

"Tamer Hassan – who played Millwall firm leader Fred – is also back for the film.