North Korean security disinfected Kim's chair at Putin summit - Kommersant

MOSCOW (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's security detail spent several minutes disinfecting the chair that Kim sat on during a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Thursday.

Video footage published by the newspaper showed a North Korean security official in white gloves scrupulously wiping down Kim's black chair and spraying around an unidentified substance.

The North Korean sprayed and wiped down the seat, the hands, the legs and even the area around the chair as a Kremlin bodyguard looked on in a slightly bemused way.

Another North Korean guard then gave some sort of order to the guard doing the disinfecting. The nature of the order was unclear.

"The chair turned out to be the subject of the greatest concern of the North Korean side," wrote Kommersant's Kremlin correspondent, Andrei Kolesnikov.

Apparently Kim's security detail - of over 100 people - were unhappy with the first chair and another one - exactly the same - was produced by the Russian side, Kommersant said.