Who is the 'Serbian dancing lady' creeping out TikTok?

may be home to countless dancing trends, but the latest craze is a far cry from your usual viral hip-hop routine.

Instead of gawking at grooving to Chris Brown, users are now staring open-mouthed in horror at a “Serbian lady” dancing in the street at night.

A clip of the eerie figure has taken the social media platform by storm, engendering countless parodies and setting off the inevitable keyboard sleuths.

But whilst some viewers seem determined to solve the mystery of who, or what, this nocturnal apparition is, others are simply revelling in its creepiness.

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The video was posted in February by an account with no bio, named only as @aatc13.

They captioned the footage, shot from a window onto a residential street, “be careful guys,” adding the hashtags “#dancingladyserbia” and “#horror”.

be careful guys #serbia #dancingladyserbia #horror #zvezdara