How To Spiritually Cleanse Your Space, According To Latine- & Queer-Owned House Of Intuition

isn’t just tidying up your room, throwing away expired makeup, and donating old clothes. While all of that is important to start fresh, we simply can’t forget about the old energy, the bad vibes that stick around our space.

“Energetically, springtime is a period of renewal and creation, where we learn how to balance activity and leisure as the days start to get warmer,” Marlene Vargas, co-founder of told Refinery29 Somos. The Latine- and Queer-owned spiritual brand sells everything you could possibly want to start (or continue) your magical journey — whether it’s or . There’s no better place (or more convenient) to learn all about cleansing AND shop for all your necessities than in the House of Intuition. “I came to have an intuitive understanding of how magic worked, especially when it comes to cleansing,” Alex Naranjo, co-founder of House of Intuition said. “I’ve always got a broom with us in our house or the shop for the physical tidying up of spaces, and I do the same thing figuratively through the energetic cleansing of spaces and my aura, or energetic field.”