6 BILLION DOLLAR WOMAN: OnlyFans star Mikayla Saravia sues ex-boyfriend for sharing revenge porn

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Mikayla Saravia, a 25-year-old model, is suing her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hunter, 27, for allegedly posting sexually explicit content on her social media accounts without her consent. He is being sued for $6.3 billion for the alleged incident.

Saravia is a popular model with millions of fans on many social media sites. Meanwhile, she has two accounts on OnlyFans - one that is free and a more 'explicit' one that costs $30 per month. in 2022 the duo broke up, and from that moment the situation took a different turn.


What are the allegations against Nicholas Hunter?

Saravia claims Hunter, 27, changed the passwords on her accounts and posted graphic photos and videos after they broke up in October 2022. She sued him for posting . The lawsuit states, "Hunter posted numerous, sexually explicit images and videos of Saravia including for sale,from October 2022 through January 2023." Saravia's attorney Joseph DiRuzzo claimed, "Just because you consented to an image in the past, it does not mean you're giving someone permission to post additional content without your consent. Defendant used the OnlyFans account to sell sexually explicit videos and images of the plaintiff based on material he had amassed prior to the severance of their business and personal relationship." The lawsuit also alleges that Hunter used Saravia's Twitter account to send a sexually explicit image of her on on January 28, 2023. The ex-boyfriend claims to have done business with Saravia and was listed as KKVSH, LLC. Meanwhile, the couple also produced YouTube videos together when they were dating, according to .