Mum rages at 'zero effort' husband who gave her an old watering can for Mother's Day

A woman has explained why this Mother's Day has been such a flop for her so far.

the woman explained she is heavily pregnant to her second child and her husband's efforts on mother's day had really disappointed her, not least because his gifts were pretty average.

She wrote: "Husband has basically made zero effort for this awful thing called Mother’s Day, despite me asking him to book something nice like a lunch or ANYTHING for us to do that isn’t exhausting at this stage of pregnancy.

"My gifts were a watering can, which has been sat in the car boot for a month and I’ve seen it every time I open it, even though I already own one, and an empty picture frame. No flowers, no breakfast, no cup of tea, no taking toddler so I can have a lie in.

"I’ve had quite a difficult end of pregnancy and have been quite unwell, now very uncomfortable and overdue. His reasoning for not booking or doing anything was 'in case baby comes', but I wasn’t aware this stopped him from at least bringing me a cup of tea or saying 'Happy Mother’s Day'."