I’m Not Going to Lie: I’m in Love With This Apt2B Sofa (And It’s On Sale Right Now)

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When I moved into my first , I suddenly found myself with a problem that’s hardly unique to my situation: I had a lot of and not exactly the requisite amount of disposable income to spend to fully furnish my new home. And while , finding a decent couch was more of a budget-busting affair than I’d imagined.

So I did what most young, broke 20-somethings do: I found the nearest discount furniture store and picked out a large gray sectional — inoffensive, inexpensive, and just big enough for me to host an occasional guest or two. Five years, one apartment, and countless friends crashing on my enormous sofa later, the couch was desperate for retirement. The seams were coming undone, the fabric was fading from years facing the sun-soaked south window, and, worst of all, the springs had given up the fight and I was sinking deeper and deeper into the cushions every time I sat down.

One Sunday, while becoming increasingly enmeshed in the pile of unsupportive cushions I once called a couch, I decided it was time to retire the sofa once and for all. With a little more to spend than I had available to me in my 20s, I started my search. I knew I wanted another sectional, but this time, I was looking for one with a pull-out that would provide my guests more comfort (and space) than my previous couch. I’m also not afraid to admit I’m picky when it comes to aesthetics: I wanted a more modern couch than I had before and love the look of a rounded couch, but hadn’t found any in the size I was hoping for (read: big). And, following my previous collapsing couch debacle, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice comfort or durability for style.