F1 LIVE: Lewis Hamilton reveals horrific racist abuse suffered at school

said he had bananas thrown at him and was repeatedly called the “n-word” at school.

The seven time Formula One world champion, who was born and educated in , detailed the racial abuse in the podcast, released on Monday. The 38-year-old, who is preparing for his 17th season in F1, said: “For me, school was the most traumatising and most difficult part of my life.

“I was already being bullied at the age of six. At that particular school I was one of three kids of colour and just bigger, stronger, bullying kids were throwing me around a lot of the time.

“And the constant jabs, the things that are either thrown at you, like bananas, or people that would use the n-word just so relaxed. People calling you half-caste and not knowing where you fit in. That for me was difficult.”

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