Arkane Director Once Pitched Thief 4, Games Inspired By 'Blade Runner' and 'Heat'

Harvey Smith, creative director of the Dishonored series at Arkane Studios, revealed three pitches he made that ultimately never saw the light of day: Thief 4, a game based on the 1982 sci-fi film "Blade Runner," and an immersive sim inspired by the 1995 heist epic "Heat."

Speaking to , Smith says he was working at Midway when he pitched his CEO on the "Heat"-inspired game. Instead, he was convinced to serve as executive creative director for BlackSite: Area 51, leaving his "Heat" pitch to languish. Midway filed for bankruptcy and closed in 2010.

Smith then joined Arkane, and when the studio was trying to figure out its next project, he pitched both a fourth entry in the cult-classic Thief series and a game based on "Blade Runner." He was once again asked to work on a different project.

"How about you work on this ninja game we've got called Dishonored, which is just [on] paper right now?" he recalls being asked.