Infinity Ward to Begin Banning Modern Warfare 2 Beta Hackers

With about a full week of beta testing in the books, it's perhaps no surprise that cheaters and hackers have already found ways to disrupt the integrity of the game.

One of the most recent viral clips regarding the beta displays one player using wallhacks on , allowing them to see exactly when and where their opponents are positioning themselves at all times.

Moving forward, however, it appears Infinity Ward will be ramping up its efforts to ban hackers during the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta.

"Tomorrow," the Infinity Ward Twitter account Friday, "we'll begin taking live action against cheaters and hackers in Beta matches."

On Sept. 13, Activision announced its for the Call of Duty franchise, an initiative that all players have been presented with and asked to acknowledge in-game when they first boot up the MW2 Open Beta.

One of its three core values in hopes of promoting a positive gaming experience for all players is "Compete With Integrity."