Apex Legends Dev Reveals Why a Third Support Hasn't Been Added

It's been over two years and four months since the last time a Support Legend was added to .

The next Legend to be added to the Support class would be in the game, joining the likes of just and in the role — the former of which has remained the lone medic since the title's launch. Of course, this excludes , who is an Apex Legend Mobile exclusive.

During a , Respawn lead game designer Devan McGuire revealed why it's taken so long for Apex to receive another Support.

Ultimately, it appears it's simply because it's hard to add an impactful Legend that provides healing or loot without severely disrupting the balance of the meta.

"Support Legends are one of the more difficult roles to bring to Apex without over-indexing in healing and resets that make fights drag on and upset the already high TTK of the game," McGuire wrote.

For those still hoping that a new Support can be added soon, McGuire did add, however, that Respawn does indeed "want to bring a more balanced roster of class roles to the table in the future at some point."