A Leak-Based, Fan-Made GTA 6 Map is in the Works

Although has yet to even be officially revealed, it appears the series' community is already putting the pieces together to figure out just what the series' next map will look like.

It's been a busy week to say the least for GTA studio Rockstar Games, as roughly were confirmed to have been leaked in one fell swoop. And while Rockstar has since rebuffed that the leak , as it continues to using legal actions and DMCA takedowns, it seems players have already gotten plenty of information needed to put together a fan-made estimation of GTA 6's map.

As posted on Church of GTA on Twitter less than three days since leaks of the highly anticipated title first surfaced, an impressive amount of coordination and effort has seemingly already begun connecting the dots.

In the , there has been plenty of discussion taking place to work out how to most accurately map the leaked content without including images that could spell trouble.