Peter Jackson ghosted by Amazon over 'Rings of Power', fans say 'fair enough' after messy 'Hobbit' trilogy

Hollywood filmmaker is known for creating some of the finest movies of this generation, especially his ‘’ movies are considered to be masterpieces. So, when Amazon announced that it will be tackling JRR Tolkien’s iconic novel and producing a series out of it, people started asking questions if Jackson will be
helming the series or not because he has a lot of experience in adapting Tolkien’s work.

soon announced that they were talking to the ‘King Kong’ director and the discussions were ongoing. In December 2018, Jackson said that he and some of his partners would be reading the scripts soon and offering notes to the people helming the project. However, it seems Amazon didn’t fulfill its promise. In a recent interview, the acclaimed filmmaker made a startling revelation that Amazon never sent him anything related to the even when he was told that he would be given the scripts.