Ezra Miller on the radar again? Actor accused of operating as a cult leader from Airbnb in Iceland

is once again making headlines for more or less the same reasons they were this entire year. This time, new victims have come forth alleging them of functioning out of an Airbnb in Iceland with their companions, living in a "cult-like" condition. It is said that Millers' acolytes walked barefoot and regularly frightened locals.

These new allegations place under the microscope once again. One witness told that the Airbnb they were living at was a "commune" with mattresses spread out on the floor. Every guest that would enter this so-called cult-like place was enamored by the movie star. The woman continued, “It felt like everyone was hypnotized." The traveled to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, in early 2020 after the production of 'Fantastic Beasts' was brought to a halt due to Covid-19. The publication also states that Airbnb was home to a menagerie of Icelandic artists, ex-pats, and spiritual confidants whom had encouraged to stay there. Throughout this year, Miller has made headlines for allegedly grooming minors, and his unstable and violent behavior.