The Nike Mid-Calf Sock Is The Unexpected Trend Taking Over Street Style

Flash-fashion events are like lightning, only lasting a hot second before disappearing into the seasonal ether — but even such fleeting fads can leave a lasting mark. Welcome to Micro Trends, where we explore the latest and greatest of these blink-and-you’ll-miss-them style moments.

Somewhere in an alternate universe, Steve Urkel is quaking in his oxfords. The calf-length ribbed crew , which had long been associated with the likes of, say, beloved TV nerds or certain sock-reliant athletes, has been fully embraced by the fashion crowd this summer. And, obviously, wearing visible crew socks isn’t a groundbreaking moment, but what seems to be the name of the game this particular summer is this: The higher the crew sock, the better. These sweltering temperatures are no sweat for the folks who are trading in their ankle-length or no-show socks for ribbed pairs that come up mid-calf or higher.

Street style stars from to have been pulling up these tube socks and pairing them with virtually every kind of footwear: , , , and (of course) regular workout . And, with a dose of sartorial confidence, these outfits look anything but dorky — these mid-calf crew socks actually turn the most predictable of summer looks into something more unexpected. Planning to wear a mini dress with strappy sandals? Add a pair of crew socks for a sportier take! Thinking of styling high-waisted denim shorts with a vintage T-shirt tucked in? Pull up a pair of white ribbed socks with your for a throwback summer camp moment! Unabashedly leaning into this big sock energy — and having a joyous, playful time with it — can make even the most sock-adverse curious. Who could have predicted that grandpa-approved short shorts and compression socks could become such a coveted look?