Opinion: Biden is racking up wins but getting no love for it

For a president who so many people believe is failing, Joe Biden sure is suddenly notching up an impressive string of victories. And they're not minor. In fact, Biden is on a roll when it comes to both domestic and foreign policy.

After a number of painful defeats, including high-profile setbacks on his Build Back Better bill, the Biden presidency seems to have turned the tide. On Thursday, Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona announced she would support the Inflation Reduction Act, all but assuring the landmark climate, health care and tax proposal will pass in the 50-50 Senate. Hours later, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released data that shows the nation's economy is still powering ahead, regaining more than half a million jobs in July. Unemployment is now down to just 3.5%, matching the half-century low last seen in February 2020.

And yet, there's little sign that the President's standing has enjoyed a meaningful lift. Biden is winning battles, but he's not getting a lot of love. Is it only a matter of time before Biden's polls catch up with the new wave of accomplishments?