TikTok’s ‘Nail Slugging’ Hack Transformed My Weak, Flaky Nails

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Slugging. It doesn’t sound particularly sexy but if TikTok is anything to go by, the beauty hack is worth considering.

By now you’ve probably heard of the benefits of skincare slugging: the act of slathering your face in a thick layer of petroleum jelly before bed. The hope? To lock in as much moisture as possible overnight for soft, plump skin come morning. Then there’s , a similar technique using hair oils, not to mention hand slugging (layering , , and to get rid of flaky, cracked skin).

As far as TikTok’s beauty community is concerned, there aren’t many things you can’t slug. Now, it’s nails. It makes total sense. are huge right now, particularly , , and styles in various colors and shapes. Without regular breaks and , however, they do tend to leave nail beds brittle, and cuticles looking and feeling a little worse for wear.