'Lies Beneath the Surface' on LMN: How Lelia Symington went from catering events to fulfilling her LA dream

Lelia Symington describes herself on her website as "your warrior princess next door." She also reveals that she is a "bi-coastal actor, singer, and ." You will soon see her in the 'Lies Beneath the Surface,' which will be released on August 5, alongside 'Foreclosure' star Michael Perl.

'Lies Beneath the Surface,' a , will premiere on the network on Friday, August 5, 2022. The narrative follows a mother, who is anxious about the safety of her family in a secluded place. Lelia Symington will play the female protagonist Hanna. The film's synopsis says, "Hanna is kayaking by herself in a remote lake when she notices some suspicious activity at a nearby cabin, believing the woman and her daughter staying there may be in danger. After the authorities find nothing unusual and brush Hanna off, she looks in on the family herself and it sets off a deadly cat-and-mouse game of survival." It will be intriguing to watch how Symington performs in this thriller.