The New Apple Watch Is High-Key Worth It — Here’s Why

I’ve always liked the idea of a ; having grown up with movies like Spy Kids and Inspector Gadget, the idea of a on my wrist appealed to me in a big way. So naturally, when the Apple Watch first debuted in 2014, I was very intrigued. However, it wasn’t until the brand rolled out the third generation that I got one for myself. Honestly, at the time, it was pretty freakin’ cool; I loved the customization options for the watch face and how sleek and minimal the case was. Sure, the 38mm screen was a bit tiny. But I have small wrists and hands, so navigating things really wasn’t too bad. Mostly, I loved how I could quickly set timers as I cooked, track my workouts, and pay for groceries and subway fares with the tap of a wrist.

But five years and four generations later, I figured it’s time for an upgrade — and here’s where comes in. The latest iteration of Apple’s smartwatch features major modifications in screen size, display, and keyboard functions, among many other functions. For the purposes of this review, Apple hooked me up with a loaner model of the new watch to test over a few months.