League of Legends Udyr Rework Revealed

Riot Games revealed its visual and gameplay update (VGU) for Udyr in Friday, complete with a new and showcasing the progress that's been made on the Spirit Walker since entering full production.

In February 2021, Riot announced Udyr to be the next champion to receive a VGU. Eight months later, , outlining its goals and points of exploration regarding his gameplay, art and narrative design.

Thanks to this latest reveal, the full first look at the rework is finally here.

League of Legends Udyr VGU: Full Details

"With the ability to commune with any and all of the spirits of the Freljord, Udyr channels and transforms their ethereal energy into his own wild physical fighting style," Udyr's new bio reads. "Through his growing mastery of this awe-inspiring and versatile power, Udyr seeks to maintain the balance of the Freljord’s mystical landscape, where conflict and struggle is its lifesblood… and where sacrifices must be made to keep peace at bay."