'Don't Worry Darling': Harry Styles spent THREE hours in makeup to cover over 60 tattoos for film's sex scenes

The main character in the upcoming movie is played by none other than the former One Direction member . Fans are no doubt thrilled with the news. However, since Harry, 28, possesses several tattoos, it needed a great deal of effort to get him ready for the movie, especially for the intimate love scenes with his on-screen wife, the 26-year-old

The musician has about 60 tattoos that cover his arms, legs, and chest. Each of his artwork had to be color-corrected by makeup experts. The makeup artists applied red pigment over the black at first and then added a green color. Finally, the tattoos were sealed with powder, and to completely conceal them, a creamy foundation was used.


It required approximately three hours to complete the task. The special make-up hack for the movie was done by Jason Collins. Collins also oversaw Lily James's use of prosthetics and makeup to morph as Pamela Anderson for the movie 'Pam & Tommy'. The movie, directed by 38-year-old , sets the scene in the 1950s era, where in a suburb of Utopia, men were working on the "Victory Project." But their women don't inquire too much into what precisely this project is all about.