'At least it's small': Kendall Jenner's rodeo-inspired ankle tattoo divides fans

has always enjoyed the spotlight on her. Recently, the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star revealed her newest tattoo, a tiny cowboy boot on her left ankle. She debuted it on her Instagram stories with the caption, "when at the rodeo…"

The tattoo was done by 23-year-old artist Kate McDuffie. The artist was the first to share a black and white picture of Kendall's tattoo with the caption, "Teeniest cowgirl boot for Kendall." Kendall also commented on the post, saying, "boop." The reality star seems to love her new tattoo, but her fans aren't entirely on the same page.


The tattoo received several unflattering remarks as comments. In an online thread, one user wrote, "[It] won't age well, but it's cute!" Another said, "It's going to look like s**t within a year. But at least it's small." "That's going to look like a piece of food stuck to her foot in about five years," a particularly grim comment read. One user concurred, "welp, that'll be gone in a month."