Ex-NRL star nearly BLED TO DEATH when he punched a window after catching fiancee cheating with teammate

A former rugby star nearly bled himself to death when he punched a window after catching his fiancee on his teammate.

29-year-old Michael Lichaa, former Sharks and Bulldogs hooker, was acquitted on Friday, August 5, of charges after his ex-fiancee Kara Childerhouse declined to testify against him. The detailed in court how the incident forced him to make amends in his life and is now looking forward to living "happy days" ahead.


Lichaa woke up one morning after a party to find Childerhouse in his backyard performing a sex act on his former Bulldogs teammate Adam Elliot. The court heard how he flew into a rage as he was still affected by alcohol after drinking all afternoon and into the early morning at his home. He allegedly blurted a string of expletives and stormed inside, followed by Elliot, before punching the glass window on his front door and slashing his arm badly as he pulled it back from the frame.