Nasa James Webb Space Telescope spots one of the oldest galaxies ever seen

Scientists have spotted one of the earliest and oldest ever seen, in the latest surprise to come out of the .

Images taken of the distant universe show a host of distant galaxies, including some of the furthest away than we have ever seen. The object came about just 290 million years after the Big Bang, the scientists estimate.

If that is true, it could mean rethinking some of our current assumptions about the history of the universe and of , the scientists write, in a . If such an object formed so early in the universe, it would suggest that galaxies started forming earlier in the universe than we had realised.

As part of the new research, scientists have gathered a range of images of different, complex galaxies as they gradually evolve. Some are like elegant pinwheels, while others are large diffuse blobs.

“These images are exciting because the sheer number of these really high redshift galaxy candidates is larger than we expected,” said Kartaltepe.