Queer horror finds its queen in ‘All About Evil’

Queer horror is having a moment. Well, technically, queer horror has been having its moment for 150 years. The lesbian vampire urtext Carmilla pre-dates Dracula by a quarter of a century, after all. But that wink-wink nudge-nudge version of queerness that we’ve become so used to — think of those lingering glances between Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas' under-eyeliner in Interview with a Vampire — has been shoved down the stairs Showgirls-style by a louder, brasher, and queerer version, all harnessed up and ready to take its place.

In a few weeks, Shudder’s four-part docuseries will tackle that long thorny history head-on. But first, this very weekend sees the release of two explicitly queer horror films. Hitting Peacock is the conversion-camp slasher They/Them, while A24’s drops us into the dangerous anything-goes habitat of the doped-up Zoomer while it storms straight (but not straight-straight) into a theater near you. That’s all fine and full of dandies, but there’s another gal in town worth a look-see. Her name is All About Evil.