'Bodies Bodies Bodies' review: Agatha Christie meets Gen Z in this ruthlessly funny slasher

A classic Agatha Christie setup pitches an unwelcome detective into the midst of a murder spree, calamitous as it is confined. For Rian Johnson, this meant an eccentric Southerner irking a wealthy family full of snakes in . For director Halina Reijn, the fingerprints of Christie can be found all over her tantalizing tale of a hurricane party gone deadly wrong. With a claustrophobic setting, a star-stacked cast (Amandla Stenberg! Pete Davidson! Lee Pace! Rachel Sennott!), and a murder mystery mired in suspicion and cutting social commentary, Bodies Bodies Bodies is a playful slasher with a wicked wit.

It was supposed to be the perfect getaway to wait out a summer storm. Far from the pressures of city life and parents, a batch of rich, carefree, and drug-fueled twenty-somethings convene in a sprawling mansion to throw an epic hurricane party. However, the raging rain outside proves the least of their problems when a grim party game turns to real bloodshed. As the bodies hit the floor, the remaining players must play detective to survive the night. But with all the brewing resentments, jealousies, and dark secrets between them, the quest to uncover the killer is frequently — and hilariously — derailed.